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because I am no longer using my primary blog and tumblr doesn’t have the architecture to make my secondary blog my primary blog, I got all nerdy and made it so whenever you click onto my primary blog (nathanperks.tumblr) it will go straight to the blog I actually use (nobodyremembers.tumblr).


beachcomber overlooking blueys beach - twenty first of the first, two thousand and thirteen

beachcomber overlooking blueys beach - twenty first of the first, two thousand and thirteen

early morning boomerang beach - twenty second of the first, two thousand and thirteen

early morning boomerang beach - twenty second of the first, two thousand and thirteen


i wasn’t going to do any of these anymore but considering im in between this blog and redesigning my website for my new blog, i have nowhere else to write. last night antics were too good not to share.

went to wokbar with some mates after having absinthe shots at marks house. got real messy drunk as per usual. not keen on shorey anymore but ended up there because i felt like dancing.

upstairs shorey there was a hens night. so intoxicated perksy walks in the middle of their big group of about 30 women and starts dancing. next thing i know, im dancing in front of the bride to be sitting on a chair in the middle of the df. the lead up to me dancing in front of the hen, was one of the other hens suggesting i should. after declining many times and telling them i wasnt a stripper, i found myself doing what was aforementioned. 

by the sounds of what the boys were recounting, everybody was watching and a couple of the other hens started taking off my shirt. by this stage i just decided to roll with it. as my shirt was pulled off, the main hen sitting in front of me starting undoing my belt buckle, jeans button and fly. she didnt get too far before the seco watching came over and stopped it. no idea what i would have done if he didnt save me. mind you, i was probably having the time of my life at that moment.

first time ive ever done any type of stripping for anybody and although i dont have a cheese grater on my stomach, i couldnt give two shits. was good fun getting my kit off in shorey and another situation to occur to perksy on another loose night out with my mates


got home from just over six months traveling around europe last night. best thing ive ever done in my life hands down. couldnt recommend it enough to anybody. especially somebody who is unsure about what they want to do after school. 

sounds cliche to find yourself traveling, and perhaps you dont exactly ‘find yourself’ but you sure as hell find out more about yourself. your capabilities and your personality. what you want out of life.

leaving sydney i was sad to go and excited to get to europe. leaving europe i was even sadder to go and less excited to come back. 

since being home and wondering around my street, it feels surreal. i actually cant believe im back home. dealing with ordinary life. i dont really like it that much. i do have the best life at home that so many people would do anything for but once you’ve ridden a rainbow, seeing it from a distance doesnt suffice. 

to a lesser extent i feel like Brooks in ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ because he was so used to living in prison that it became his life. when he left, he felt like he didnt belong there anymore. i have been nomadic for half the year and now i feel like i dont belong in this ‘homadic’ environment. AND when i say to lesser extent i really mean that im at the other end of the spectrum with it.

but even so, i feel as though i used to live here, not that i live here anymore. surely ill get back into the swing of things.

nonetheless, it’s fantastic to be home and i cant wait to start planning future endeavours so i can continue to adventure.

im infected. i have the travel bug and it doesnt look like it’s going to go away anytime soon

I’m almost through my first month of six months traveling through Europe. These are the stories of my travels so far

after just over half a year countdown, today i fly out to europe to go backpacking for the rest of the year with eddie. follow this blog as ill be updating my whereabouts and what im up to when im over there x

backpacking battlers with imi

backpacking battlers with imi

tee scarlettt and me

tee scarlettt and me